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Even under Phase 2 regulations, local businesses still need our help.  If you’re like me, you and your family went out of your way to buy takeout during Phase 1. Recently, I’ve found myself not having that sense of urgency like I did in the recent past. But I’m mistaken.

Our local businesses need us now more than ever. Two different establishments have told me exactly that. One food supplier in Pendleton said business was actually better during Phase 1. Now, perishable produce is building up and not going out the door like it was a month ago. Another business that supplies restaurants and cafes has recently had to give or throw away much of what they had been making. While some people are venturing back for dine-in eating, the numbers are still well below normal. As a result, eating establishments are now ordering less. This hurts the eateries as well as all their suppliers.

What I learned from these two business people alarms me. They’ve worked so hard and gone through so much stress and anxiety. Please continue takeout or in-person dining (if you are comfortable), so we make sure we don’t lose our wonderful small businesses. Let’s get out there and buy a beverage or meal, once, twice, three times a week.

Like one of the business employees I talked to said, “it would help if people just came in once a week and bought a cookie.” Please continue to support our businesses.

Connie Macomber


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